How to Play

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Seek and Peek Players Guide!

How to play and win:

1. There are two ways to win. Guess the puzzle! (by submitting text to the game server from your mobile device) The other way to win is to scan the most QR codes (which reveal the most tiles in the puzzle).

2. Players will meet at a venue location to play and register at

3. You will need to have a QR code reader app on your smart phone. Here’s the recommended one:

4. At game time you will be introduced to the Bosses. After you scan 10 QR codes, a picture of one of the Bosses will appear on your phone. Players must find these Bosses and perform some activity for the Boss so they will enter the password in your mobile device and enable you to continue the game. This is called “leveling up”.

5. Players scan QR codes, beat the Bosses until the puzzle is guessed or the game time is complete. When this happens a message will appear on your mobile device. Please return to the game starting point at that time to crown the winners.